Popularization of Home Standby Generators

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According to the United States Energy Department, 87% of all American households – roughly 100 million homes have air conditioning.  It is hard to imagine that in as little as 50 years ago centralized air-conditioning systems were just on their way to becoming a home staple.  Many industry experts are looking to home standby generators as the next wave of home systems becoming commonplace in America’s homes.

The Need

According to the Eaton Blackout and Power Outage Tracker Report, Virginia was the 10th ranked state in the US for power outages in 2017 and North Carolina was number 7.  There are several weather-related events that can cause power outages across Hampton Roads.  Hurricanes often threaten the greatest length and most widespread loss of power.  For instance, in the summer of 2011, Hurricane Irene caused nearly one million customers across the state of Virginia to lose power.  The extent of hurricane Irene’s damage included loss of power along the Eastern Seaboard, including 5 days before complete power restoration for the state of Virginia.

This region, from Virginia Beach to Williamsburg, is not immune to snow and ice storms which can cause electricity outages.  When ice and snow-laden tree branches are weighed down, they can snap above-ground power lines.  Even high winds during Nor’easters and strong thunderstorms can escalate to power outages in Hampton Roads.  No month of the year is immune to a potential weather-related loss of power across the Tidewater area.

The Benefits

Peace of Mind with an Automatic Transfer Switch

A home standby generator’s greatest benefit is peace of mind that your home’s electrical needs can run smoothly if a power outage occurs.  Here is how the installation of a standby generator including an automatic switch works.  When your home’s main power source is cut-off, the generator automatically initiates as an alternative power source.  When your home’s main power source is restored, the generator automatically turns off.  No messing with gas cans and setting up extension cords which are necessary with portable generators.  The standby generator provides peace of mind that your home’s power never goes out.

Increase in Home Value

Whole-home generators offer additional benefits to you as a homeowner beyond peace of mind.  More and more new homes are being built including a home standby generator.  These generator systems add value to your home.  Consumer Reports notes that the inclusion of a standby generator could increase your property value by 3 – 5%.  Similarly, a 2017 Remodeling Magazine Report claims that the installation of a standby home generator can yield a 54% return on investment.  While a buyer is not likely to purchase your home exclusively owing to your newly installed generator, it could be a deciding factor between two like homes on a shopping list.

Call The Experts

​Installing a home standby generator is no small feat.  This project is not a DIY installation.  To ensure that you have the generator that will provide your home with a sufficient amount of energy when the lights go out, it is best to consult with a professional.  The expert electrician team at Smith & Keene can help you in determining and installing the right generator for your home.

Call us today for a free consultation and never be caught off guard again 757-420-1231.

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