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The Value of a Whole-House Generator

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As Hampton Roads residents know all too well, storms and hurricanes are a frequent occurrence in our area, and power outages can disrupt daily life for days on end. That’s why the value of a whole-house generator cannot be overstated; it provides a reliable source of endless power during prolonged outages caused by hurricanes, lightning storms, ice storms, transformer damage, and other utility demand problems, ensuring that homeowners are never caught off guard without electricity when they need it most. Read on to learn more about the benefits a whole-home standby generator can provide to you and your family, and take the first step toward securing uninterrupted power for your home.

Investing in a whole-home standby generator provides both immediate and long-term rewards. In the immediate, you get peace of mind that your family will be safe and comfortable in a power outage with endless power. Long-term, your home can weather any blackout comfortably plus earn a resale lift as this home improvement increases the value of your home.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your home has a reliable backup power source when the electricity goes out offers you peace of mind. With a whole-home standby generator you can rest assured that during a power outage, your family will remain safe and comfortable.

With a whole-home generator, you can eliminate worries about food spoiling in your fridge or freezer, how you will prepare meals for your family, or keeping your family warm or cool. And for those with electrically powered medical devices that are essential to their well-being, the value of a whole-home generator goes even further, providing a deep sense of peace of mind that their devices will continue to function uninterrupted during extended power outages caused by hurricanes, lightning storms, ice storms, and other utility demand problems.
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A Continuous Power Supply

The main purpose of a whole-home standby generator is the ability to supply power to key appliances and sources to your home in the event of a power outage.  An uninterrupted flow of power for your home means your family’s routine doesn’t miss a beat. Consider the many ways your home functions on electricity: in the kitchen, your HVAC system, lighting, entertainment, and even medical equipment. These appliances can all continue functioning during a blackout if your home has a whole-home generator.

Food won’t spoil in your fridge or freezer. You can still prepare meals using your stove, microwave, or other electrical-operated cooking appliances (hello coffeemaker).

A whole-home generator can provide continuous electricity for any heating and cooling equipment in your home. In the heat of the summer, having your air conditioner running is essential, especially here in Hampton Roads. Even though the winter months in this area are relatively mild, having a functioning heating system is still a crucial comfort that you wouldn’t want to be without. A whole-home standby generator can provide the necessary power source to keep your HVAC running during a power outage, keeping your family comfortable year-round.

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Say goodbye to your emergency candles, with a whole-home generator you can also power lighting. Internet running through your WiFi, television, and other entertainment devices (including being able to charge your mobile devices) can function uninterrupted during a power outage when your home has a whole-home standby generator.

For homeowners using electrically powered medical equipment, that too will continue to function during a blackout when your is equipped with a whole-home generator.

Increase Your Home Value

Adding a whole-house generator to your home can increase the value and resale value of your property, just like other home improvements and upgrades. More and more homeowners are recognizing the value of a whole-house generator and considering this option. Having a whole-house generator can significantly enhance the value of your home.

Remodeling Magazine found that by installing a whole-home standby generator you can receive a 150% return on your investment. In other words, if your whole-home generator costs $10,000 then your home value may increase by $15,000.By installing a whole-home standby generator, you can increase your home’s value by 3-5% according to Consumer Reports.

Popularization of Home Standby Generators

Just as air conditioning is now a standard feature in cars, home standby generators will become a common feature in homes of the future. In Hampton Roads, these generators are already in high demand, with their popularity continuing to grow.

Cost Effective & Provides Cost Savings

While some homeowners look to a portable generator because of its lower price point, a whole-home standby generator can be more cost-effective long-term. Not only do portable generators have a shorter life span. Portable generators also require regular refueling of more costly gasoline, while whole-home generators run off of a traditionally less expensive natural gas or propane.

A whole-home standby generator can save your family hundreds of dollars during each blackout by keeping the food in your refrigerator and freezer from spoiling. Plus, having a generator can also save you from submitting insurance claims for the loss of food due to a power outage, which can help you save on insurance costs over time.

During prolonged power outages that Hampton Roads has experienced in times of hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, or snowstorms, a home standby generator can allow your family to remain in your home instead of having to pay out of pocket for your family to stay in a hotel during the blackout.

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How Much Does A Whole-home Generator Cost?

When it comes to whole-house generator cost, industry averages show a range from $6,000 to $25,000, with a national average of $10,000. Several factors can impact the cost of a whole-house generator, including your home’s size and power capacity needs, the generator’s size and type of power source, start device type, as well as permits and installation labor costs. For a free consultation to help you determine the right-sized whole-house standby generator to power your home during a blackout, contact Smith & Keene.

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Convenient & Easy To Use

Once installed, a whole-home standby generator provides a source of uninterrupted power to your home during a blackout automatically. This means you won’t have to fill the fuel tank or go outside in inclement weather to start the generator. The automatic switch on your whole-home generator means that when the power to your home is halted, the generator automatically kicks on. Your family will not be without power, and you will not have to take steps to make it happen.

Protection From Damage

By keeping your home’s power running during a blackout, a whole-home standby generator can also prevent damage to other home appliances. A power outage (especially for a prolonged period of time) can cause damage to home appliances such as HVAC systems, refrigerators, sump pumps, and more. Some electrical appliances can be damaged when power is restored after a blackout and the electricity suddenly surges back on. A whole-home generator can prevent power surge damage to your electrical appliances.
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Installing a whole-home standby generator has many benefits. Not only does a whole-home generator offer peace of mind by providing a continuous power supply for your home during a blackout, it also can increase your home value, is cost-effective and offers cost savings, it’s convenient and easy to use, and can protect your home appliances and systems from damage. If you are considering a whole-home generator, contact Smith & Keene for a free consultation.

Schedule A Free Generator Consultation

Our expert technicians will meet with you, evaluate your home’s power needs and determine the right home standby generator for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an automatic transfer switch do?

An automatic transfer switch recognizes when the prime power source from your home is lost and automatically transfers to the generator for power, without you lifting a finger! Learn more about how an automatic transfer switch works and its benefits.

How do I know what size generator my home needs?

The best way to determine what size generator your home needs is to consult the experts. If the wrong size generator is bought and it is ill-equipped to handle the number of appliances or power needed, it can cause stress on the generator and the appliances.

How does a home standby generator with automatic switch work?

When your home’s main power source is cut-off, the generator automatically initiates as an alternative power source.  When your home’s main power source is restored, the generator automatically turns off.  No messing with gas cans and setting up extension cords which are necessary with portable generators.  The standby generator provides peace of mind that your home’s power never goes out. Learn more about how an automatic transfer switch works and its benefits.

How much does a whole house generator add to the value of a house?

According to Consumer Reports, installing a whole-home standby generator can increase your home’s value by 3-5%. Learn more about the value of a whole house generator.

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