Which Generator Is Right For Your Home?

Honeywell Generator outside home

Is A Home Standby Generator Right For Your Home?

If you have been in Hampton Roads for even a short period of time you are aware of the impact weather has on your home’s power source.  Whether it is a power outage from a lightning storm, tropical storms and hurricanes, or winter ice storms, the region is challenged with potential loss of power year-round.  To keep your family safe and comfortable no matter the weather, consider investing in a generator.  We offer whole home standby generators.  The right one for your family depends on your family’s needs and preferences.

Home standby generators are ideal for homeowners who want to power essential areas of their home during an outage.  Starting at 9kW to 40kW, home standby generators operate with an automatic transfer switch so they require less maintenance compared to a portable generator.  Current models operate with moderate noise levels.  Because they have air-cooled handling, standby generators are ideal for short and long-term outages.  They are also powered with natural gas or liquid propane tanks which removes the need of having to fill the gasoline tank, as is the case with a portable generator requires.  Essentially, standby generators are ideal to provide automatic comfort for your family in times of power outages.

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