HVAC Installation/Replacement

Our HVAC replacement division has been a crucial part of our business for over twenty five years. Our team of Home Energy Experts have advised homeowners throughout Hampton Roads and Northeast North Carolina on how to lower their utility bills by choosing the best equipment at the most affordable cost. We can help you find the most energy-efficient system on the market today, working within your budget and needs. We install and service all major brands of equipment and we offer our Signature Service Plan at an affordable monthly rate to extend the life of your equipment and to keep it running efficiently.

We also understand that HVAC replacement can be a costly investment for our customers, which is why we offer multiple financing options with approved credit so that you can get the best rate and terms to make your new system affordable.

Replacing your aging system with a new, affordable, efficient system is a great investment for your home and your family.  Call Smith & Keene today for your HVAC replacement and installation needs and get the best service from the most trusted name in Northeast North Carolina and Hampton Roads.

Self-Contained Package Units

Some homes in our service area, from Virginia Beach to Williamsburg, the Outer Banks, and everywhere in between, are outfitted with HVAC systems that operate from a single unit located on the exterior of the home. These heating and cooling units are called Package Units, also known as Self-Contained Package Units. An HVAC Package Unit is an all-in-one system that provides both heat and air conditioning. As the name implies, all the necessary components of these heating and cooling systems are packaged inside this one unit. Smith and Keene offers HVAC Package Units of various sizes and SEER ratings to suit your needs. When your HVAC Package Unit is replaced, the metal trough that connects the unit to the duct work in your home will also need to be replaced. At Smith & Keene, we have our own in-house sheet metal shop. In the shop, our team of sheet metal experts can custom fit your home’s HVAC system and duct work. Call Smith & Keene for more information about replacing your Self-Contained Heating & Cooling Package Unit.

Consider A Ductless Mini Split System

If you have a room in your home that is difficult to cool, want to turn your garage into a workshop, or are considering a home addition, then a Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split System may be your answer.  These systems differ from traditional heat pump and forced AC systems in that they deliver air directly into distinct zones.  Split systems are highly flexible.  They are comprised of a small outdoor unit and one or more indoor units, simply requiring access to electricity and mounting capabilities.

Homeowners love the cost savings that split ductless systems offer.  Their small size and direct delivery of temperature control means operating on less power and greater efficiencies than traditional duct systems.  You control the temperature in each room, allowing you to decide which rooms get heated or cooled.  This zoning of specific rooms in your home means you can eliminate the heating or cooling of unoccupied rooms, further increasing efficiency and lowering your utility bill.

Because the Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split System consists of only one outdoor unit and one or more indoor units without a duct system, the installation process is quick and easy.  These systems are less invasive than traditional options and thus the time it takes to install can be as swift as a single day.

Ductless systems also provide improved indoor air quality compared to traditional HVAC systems.  Traditional duct heating and cooling systems require routine cleaning by professionals, still leaving behind dust and other allergens.  Ductless systems clean the air through a multi-stage filtration system.  This filtration system cleans the air by reducing bacteria, pollen, and allergens.

Contact Smith & Keene to learn how a Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split System can keep your home comfortable.

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